Best Bull Breeds to Own For Your Home

Best Bull Breeds to Own For Your Home

If you’re looking forward to purchasing a bully for yourself or your children; then, this is the right place to start. Why? Because people think all bullies are the same, however, the breeds are different in reality. This guide enlists the 4 best bully breeds to own in 2021.

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4 best bully breeds to own 

1. American Bully:

The first bully breed we have on the list is the American Bully. American bullies are giant dogs with big, boxy heads and large muscle mass. Apart from this, this breed has well-defined cheeks and broad noses. Usually, this breed is confused with the pit bull terrier, but in reality, these are two different dog breeds. This breed is fun to have around, and it is extremely affectionate towards its owners.

Moreover, these dogs are good with children, so if you want a bully for your children, this breed can be a good choice. In addition to this, people looking for low-maintenance dogs can also go for American Bullies and make great guard dogs. Some of the prominent traits of this breed are listed below:

• Loving

• Intelligent

• Loyal

• Brave

• Eager to please the owners


2. American Pitbull Terriers:


This breed has a fearsome reputation in society because of its history as a fighting dog. Regardless, these dogs make great pets, and you just need to understand this dog breed fully. American Pit Bull Terriers is a breed utilized for many purposes, such as military mascots, farm animals, working dogs, etc.

This breed of dogs accepts and love people with the correct training, socialization, and care. American Pit bull Terriers can be incredible family companions. Unlike American Bullies, these dogs are more active and athletic, and so they suit an owner who wants to be active with their dog and go on long walks and have different activities with their companion dog.

3. American Staffordshire Terrier:

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a bully breed similar to the American Pit Bull Terrier. Just like the terriers, these dogs also have a bad reputation for being fighting dogs in the past. However, now they’re utilized as house companions. Even though many people think these dogs have a scary appearance, they love and accept people; you just need to train them the right way.

Staffordshire Terrier blends well with children, but adult supervision is still important. Moreover, a good thing about this bully breed is that these dogs are quick learners, which means it is not time-consuming to train this breed. This breed is suitable for people who like to be active with their dogs and can train with their dogs consistently and assertively.

4. Staffordshire Bull Terriers:

This bully breed also has a fierce appearance, but these dogs are gentle and loving too. Staffordshire Terriers love fun, and they are pretty energetic too. However, these dogs are not always agreeable with other dogs, and neither does this breed back off from a challenge.

With these dogs, obedience training is possible, and you need to communicate effectively with your dog and make it feel like more of a game than a forced training session. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a great breed for people with kids who want a family dog for their home.


The above-mentioned bully breeds are among the best bully breeds, but the best one depends on your preferences. Apart from that, it also depends on the dynamics of your daily life and overall lifestyle, along with how your environment is. After determining all of this, you can select the best bully breed that you think will best fit your needs and requirements.

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