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Canine Reflective Harness

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Ensure Your Big Canine's Safety and Security, Day and Night!

  • Enhanced Visibility: Reflective straps for nighttime safety.
  • Customized ID Patch: Personalized information for quick identification.
  • Comfortable Fit: Evenly distributes pulling pressure to prevent choking.
  • Adjustable Chest Strap: Grows with your dog, no need for frequent replacements.
  • Sturdy Handle: Easy control and ideal for service dogs.
  • Prevents Loss: Provides a chance to reunite with your pet.
  • Secure Leash Attachment: D-ring for a safe connection.
  • Suitable for Large Breeds: Designed for big dogs with comfort in mind.

Illuminate Your Canine's Adventures

Experience peace of mind during evening strolls with our Canine Reflective Harness. Its strategically placed reflective straps transform your dog into a shining beacon, ensuring visibility even in low light. Enjoy worry-free walks, knowing your furry companion is safe and seen.

Tailored Information, Instant Reassurance

With our Canine Reflective Harness, your dog carries its own identification. The customizable ID patch provides essential contact details, offering immediate reassurance to anyone who finds your four-legged explorer. Say goodbye to the fear of losing your beloved pet.

Grows with Your Canine, Always a Perfect Fit

Why settle for one-size-fits-all when you can have a harness that adapts? Our Canine Reflective Harness features an adjustable chest strap that accommodates your dog's growth without the need for constant replacements. Ensure your large breed enjoys a comfortable and secure fit throughout their adventures.

Rave Reviews from Happy Canine Owners!

Sarah H.

I purchased the Canine Reflective Harness for my energetic German Shepherd, Max. The reflective straps make our nighttime walks safer, and the personalized ID patch gives me peace of mind. Max loves it too; it's comfortable and doesn't restrict his movement!

 David P.

This harness is a game-changer for my big Labrador, Bella. The adjustable chest strap means I don't have to buy a new one as she grows, and the sturdy handle is a lifesaver on our hikes. We both love it for its comfort and functionality!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Reilly Simonis

The harness is amazing, very strong, I ordered a size S for my dog 6kg

Rosamond Bergnaum

Has arrived perfect. It is very beautiful and looks quality. Recommended

Celestino Beier

Bought my first one around two years ago for my first dog and it still holds perfectly without any damage at all. Amazing quality. Have bought a second one for my second dog too.

Winfield Erdman

very good, amazing quality, correct size, I bought L and it worked for my dog

Lempi Powlowski

Very good quality and the shipping was super fast, exelent service🇵🇦