4 Signs That Indicate Aggressive Behavior in Pit bulls and American Bullies

4 Signs That Indicate Aggressive Behavior in Pit bulls and American Bullies

Pit bulls and American bullies are among the strongest and most intelligent dog breeds. Very often, these breeds are mistaken for aggressive dog breeds, but it’s not like that. Today, you’ll learn about 4 signs that indicate aggressive behavior in pit bulls and American bullies.

These signs are universal for all dog breeds, including Pit Bulls and American Bullies. If you understand your dog right through these signs and implement the correct training strategy; then, you won’t have to face such inappropriate behavior from your dog. To help you with the obedience training sessions with your dog, you can get toys for obedience training from topbullyowners.com.

Top 4 signs that indicate aggressive behavior in Pit bulls and American Bullies

1. Guarding the owners against other people or dogs:

You might mistake this behavior for an act of possessive affection from your dog, but it is certainly one of the signs of aggression. It is a form of dominant dog behavior, which can certainly lead to heightened aggression.

Apart from this, the dogs also start to constantly lick or demand playtime in front of other dogs and people. So, basically, it’s a kind of behavior indicating dominance in correlation with wanting attention.

If you don’t give that to your dog, it will start to show further aggression, which includes the refusal to listen to the commands and start jumping or growling with the owner.

2. Leash pulling and mounting:

Another sign of dog aggression is leash pulling and mounting. When a dog displays such behavior, it just inappropriately and aggressively starts pulling the leash. You can feel the strength of it in the tension of the leash. Other than this, the dog may also start to mount legs on other dogs or humans.

3. Blocking, barging, or inserting:

Let’s move on to some other signs of aggression from the dogs. So, if your dogs start to barge into places, disobeying commands or blocking you or another human. This indicates aggression buildup and dominant behavior.

Apart from this, your dog may show some weird and inappropriate behavior by inserting itself between you and another human. All of this is dominant behavior, which then leads to aggressive reactions such as growling and nipping.

4. Excessive starring and low gaze:

Dog starring is usually not a problem; however, if your dog is starring you or another person excessively with a low gaze, then this shows your dog is aggressive.

This low gaze and excessive training can be followed by some slow growling, snapping, and barking, standing tall, and ears erect: which can build up to more aggressive and harmful behavior.


Dog aggression is not normal behavior of any dog breed, which counts in Pit bulls as well. This kind of behavior starts to build up or persist in dogs when their owner is unable to discipline and train them. Discipline training is crucial for any dog breed, and the Pit Bull is no different; you must evaluate your dog's behavior closely and discipline it.

So, do not just ignore when your dog shows aggression toward another dog or child for the first time. Do not let this first time turn into every time; evaluate the root of the behavior and train your dog accordingly.

 Moreover, always remember that many dogs that attack while being dominant may not exhibit growling or barking before an attack, but they can certainly do that. Hence, understands the above-mentioned signs and utilize them to understand your Pit bull's behavior.

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