How to Train Your Pit bull Perfect Leash Walking

How to Train Your Pit bull Perfect Leash Walking

One of the most challenging tasks is training your dog to walk on a leash. Many owners find this training very difficult. But don’t worry, today’s your lucky day because of this guide on how to train your Pitbull leash walking. 

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How do you train your pit bull to perfect leash walking in 5 steps?

• Don’t let your dog run the show:

The first thing to teach your dog right during leash training is to take command of yourself and not let your pooch run the show. Don’t let a big-breed dog like a Pitbull tug on you; rather, control the leash yourself. 

• Practice walking in a straight line:

The first and foremost thing you must do while leash training with your dog is practice walking in a straight line. No zig-zag, just walk in a straight line.

• Make your dog learn to turn:

When you’ve practiced walking in a straight line with your dog, the best thing is to make it learn how to take sharp turns. These sharp turns help you control your dog's movement on a leash.

Because when you take a sharp left/right while moving in a straight line, your pooch is left with no choice but to follow your lead. This way, it learns to follow you instead of tugging itself on the leash and making it hard for you to control it.

• Give verbal commands:

After you’ve practiced walking in a straight line and taking sharp turns right and left,. The next task is to give your dog verbal commands for following you. This is essential because dogs listen to verbal commands and act upon them if you've trained them the right way. 

So, after your dog starts to make eye contact, sees where you’re moving, and follows, you simply say out loud the verbal command "Yes.". This assures your dog that whatever he is doing is right, and you appreciate him for following your lead while on leash.

• Utilize treats:

Verbal appreciation is extremely important and crucial for the leash training of your dog. However, treats also work well in the beginning sessions of leash training with your dog. Plus, sometimes, just verbal appraisal is not enough for some dogs, so you can utilize treats in place of it.

Nevertheless, remember that your end goal is to make your dog follow you verbally, not just for wanting treats. Hence, ultimately, you’ll have to build up a verbal communication relationship with your pet.


Leash training your pit bull is not an easy task, but it can still be made more efficient and effective with the right techniques. This guide precisely provides you with all the relevant information on how to leash-train your dog effectively. 

Apart from this, make sure you get the right leash for training your dog. Now, for leash training, you don’t need a leash with lots of tension and other stuff. Hence, it is safe to say you need a good quality standard to train your dog.

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