How to teach your pit bull 4 essential obedience commands? [New Guide]

How to teach your pit bull 4 essential obedience commands? [New Guide]

If you’re a pit bull owner and looking for a comprehensive guide on obedience training, then this is the right place to start. This article teaches you how to teach your pit bull the 4 essential obedience commands. So, without wasting more time, let’s jump into that.

1. Sit:

To teach your dog how to sit, you need to get a treat or a toy your dog loves playing with. Treats are more convenient, but if your dog responds to toys better, then go for it. You need to make your dog obey the sit command by first instructing him to sit by saying it out loud.

The technique you can use here to lure the dog down is by using its nose if you’re utilizing treats. This way, as soon as his bottom touches the ground, you can give him a call of approval like “yes” and then immediately reward him with a treat.

However, if your dog doesn’t respond to the command, then give a mild pop on the collar with the leash. But make sure the pop is light; it shouldn’t hurt your pup or dog.

2. Lay down:

The lay down command can also be taught using the same technique. So, as you know, your dog's nose will follow the smell of the treat. All you have to do is lure the dog down using the treat in a laying-down position.

Make sure your timing for saying the command and approving of your dog’s position is accurate. Hence, as soon as your dog comes in a lying-down position again, call out "yes” and then give him the treat, followed by praise like “good boy” or something similar. Repeat this multiple times until your dog gets good at it.

3. Stay:

The next important command in obedience training is the stay command. The stay command is divided into two parts, and the first is saying the stay command and then walking away from your puppy or dog. Now you have to see if your dog starts following you, and he’ll do a lot initially.

However, as soon as he starts following you, there comes the second part of the training, which is correcting him.

It is like communicating with him not to move from his position.

But remember, you don’t have to use the word "stay" again, as it will be confusing; instead, use other words or expressions like “no” or “don't move.”. This will act as a corrective verbal command. After that, give him the treat and say good boy if you want him to move from his position.

4. Recall:

The last command of the four essential commands for obedience training is the recall command. For this command, you need a large open area and a long line leash.

What you have to do is let your dog be distracted, and then call him by his name. If he doesn’t listen and comes back to you, then you give him a little pop on the collar to remind him.

As soon as he starts moving towards you, you give him a call of approval and then a toy or treat as a reward. In case there is not much distraction in the environment, you can use a treat and throw it in the opposite direction.

This way, your dog will be distracted enough to give out the recall command.


Obedience training with your pit bull requires consistent effort and patience. As time passes, your dog learns better and gets more accustomed to following commands.

However, you need to keep practicing and learning about your dog; for example, maybe after a while, he will start responding to tug toys better than treats.

Thus, you must also bring that change to the training sessions. To purchase a high-quality tug toy, you can visit www.topbullyowners.com.

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