How to train a pit bull? [Beginner's Guide]

How to train a pit bull? [Beginner's Guide]

I understand if you just brought a pit bull puppy or dog to the house, and it is getting tough to train it. However, you don't need to worry much because this happens initially.

At the beginning of training, it can get a little challenging to train your dog, especially if it is a pit bull.

Why? Because pit bulls are one of the smartest and most intelligent dog breeds. Thus, it is hard to trick them into obeying instructions.

Nonetheless, they are also loyal and devoted pets, so you just need to adopt the right approach. This article is the ultimate guide for beginners to learn how to train a pit bull.There are three phases to training your pit bull dog:

1. Building Engagement:

 In the initial stages of training your pit bull, you must identify three core pieces to build engagement with your dog. These can be treats, toys, and your praises. You can use other things too if you think your dog likes them more.

2. Building obedience without treats or toys:

The ultimate goal of training is to make your dog listen to your instructions anywhere spontaneously without having to bribe them with treats or toys.

At first, give your dog one treat per command, but slowly and gradually, build a momentum in which you increase the number of praises and commands, along with decreasing the number of treats.

It can be significantly reduced to one treat per several commands. This builds up the mindset that your dog must listen to several commands, and then it will receive a reward.

Consequently, it will lead your dog to obey you even if you don’t have a treat at that particular moment. However, don’t forget to reward it later.

3. Train with the things present in the surroundings:

The third phase of training your pit bull is to utilize things in your surroundings to get your dog to obey commands.

This is essential for you to teach your dog because you can’t always carry treats. One thing you can do is get a toy, like a tug toy, that you train your dog with consistently.

So, whenever you feel like your dog is getting out of hand outdoors, you can take out the tug toy and make it listen to you.

But obviously, there are certain places where you can’t use tug toys, so you can utilize anything in the surroundings that your dog might love playing with and listen to the instructions.

Where can I get a good-quality tug toy?

If you’re planning to train your dog with a tug toy, but don’t know where to buy a durable and reliable tug toy, then you can visit topbullyowners.com. They have amazing accessories and products for pit bulls that you can rely on.

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